real time Autoradiography Scanner


Autoradiography of samples on microscope slides

real-time image acquisition

unrivalled sensitivity and acquisition speed

100% digital images

huge FOV offers high throughput

Broad range:  detection of α/β particles and Auger electrons

The Beaver offers highest sensitivity (0,0005 cpm/mm²) and unrivalled imaging speed. Detection of α and/or β particles and Auger electrons in samples on microscope slides is possible. The huge FOV of 23 x 23 cm allows the simultanous imaging of 18 microscopic slides. The spatial resolution ranges  from 20 µm for low energy β-emitters and Auger electrons to 50 µm for higher energy β- or α-emitters. 

Beaver is an ultra-sensitive gas detector with electron-amplifying microstructure. During acquisition, image formation can be followed event by event without the intermediate use of a phosphor screen.

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